Album Family

Album Family cover, Álbum Family cover

The album Family is the second album I published, in Jamendo on 15/11/2009. It’s certainly different to my first album. I’m not sure if it’s better or not, it’s just different. I hope you like it also!

01 – Birth Family:

02 – Chosen Family:


The album has been produced using only open source tools and free soundfonts. The most prominent tools are:

* Arch Linux
* Muse sequencer
* Fluidsynth
* Timidity++
* OpenOffice
* Piano soundfont “Yamaha Disklavier Pro” by Roberto Gordo Saez. Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license –
* Soundfont for the rest of instruments “SGM v2″ by Shan

I want to thank all the people that are making possible a whole new world creating art and computer tools for free with the main purpose of collaborate and share. I think that is a promising light in a worlld already falling into the shadow. Please keep going forward!

Best regards. David Bluecame